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Fans & Customers

Portes Email/ Websites/ Social Media/ Link Tracking
Low friction, no forms, no accounts. App install to first use in as little as 10 seconds. Email campaigns and websites often require forms which increase friction.
After install, capture DIIDs in under 3 seconds. Forms often take time, plus may involve Captcha/Recaptcha challenges.
Fans can capture DIIDs via QR Codes/Tappable Links/NFC/AR/Beacons. Forms generally used for email and websites. Social media connects fans to your account, but you do not own your customer.
Instant direct to artist/brand connection. There is often an insular layer between you and the fan.
Low signal to noise as your connection is direct. Email and social media have a very high ratio of noise and it is easy to get your message lost.
True exclusivity and VIP status makes fans/customers feel special. DIIDs belong only to to their users. Account-based exclusivity is not special as the user does not posses or own it. Users cannot point to account and say with pride, “this is mine”.

Privacy and Security

Portes Email/ Websites/ Social Media/ Link Tracking
No username/password vulnerabilities. Websites and social media are subject to phishing vulnerabilities involving usernames and passwords.
No personal data collected/stored. Email, social media, and websites can involve personal data putting users at risk. 2.5B social media records were compromised first part of 2018 .
No tracking/profiling links or cookies. Email, websites, social media, and link tracking are capable to tracking and profiling users and then subjecting them to retargeting. These tactics can compromise security and privacy, plus are subject to ad blockers.
No pop-up/man-in-the-middle attack vectors. Email, websites, and social media can be impersonated and put users at risk.
No Email/SMS/Malware/Phishing Vulnerabilities. Estimated that 2-4% of all emails contain malware and 30% of all phishing messages get opened by targeted users. Average cost of a data breach is $3.86M.
No GDPR/COPPA/Privacy Law compliance issues. Email, websites, social media, and link tracking are all subject to global privacy compliance laws. That means you have to constantly be aware of every potential legal threat wherever you operate.

Value and ROI

Portes Email/ Websites/ Social Media/ Link Tracking
Unlimited fan/customer acquisition keeps cost per fan/customer low. Email campaign, website, link tracking costs increase as audience increases.
Accurate fan/customer count means you don’t pay for bots/fraud. Email address not a guarantee of a person. Over 40% of all web traffic is bots. Over half of social media logins are fraudulent.
Low monthly fees make DIID campaigns perfect companion to combine with other marketing tools. -
If you already have graphics for your email campaign, website, social media accounts, or music, you have everything you need to author a DIID. -


Portes Email/ Websites/ Social Media/ Link Tracking
Actionable data without risk of personal data breaches or privacy violations. Email, websites, social media, and link tracking all have risks involving personal data and a single breach could destroy brand confidence.
Know how many activations, from which activation codes, click through rates, verification rates of actual users, and more. Email, websites, social media, and link tracking provide extensive data and analytics, but are subject to fraudulent numbers that skew actual performance.
Collect metrics from print media and sources where measurements are nearly impossible to gauge. Print media is not often compatible with traditional web and internet tracking.
100% GDPR and COPPA compliance. GDPR and COPPA compliance is extremely difficult and risky.

Fraud Protection

Portes Email/ Websites/ Social Media/ Link Tracking
Each DIID activated is unique to a device and cannot be spoofed, stolen, or phished. Email and social media accounts can be compromised, putting all parties at risk of fraud.
Anti-Bot/ Anti-Fraud technologies. Online platforms are all subject to high levels of fraud and in a constant arms race against bots and scams.
No pixel or click fraud. Pixel and click fraud represent billions in wasted costs each year.
No fraudulent bot accounts. 25% of all new accounts on social media and over half of logins are fraudulent.
Prevent issues like ticket touting. 39% of all ticketing traffic is bots.

Child Protection

Portes Email/ Websites/ Social Media/ Link Tracking
Parental Controls in-app. Email, websites, social media, and link tracking often have no or poor parental controls. You may be sending/exposing age sensitive content to minors without knowing it.
Portes can require Parental Approval for DIID activations. Email, websites, and link trackers do not know the age of the user and therefore cannot pre-approve access to their tools/content.
Settings prevent children from activating DIIDs outside their age group. Email, websites, social media, and link tracking are often incapable of protecting children from inappropriate content.